Aishwarya Sultania


Artist, educator, curator and facilitator of multiactivity retreats. • Freelancer • she/her

With two decades of experience as a cultural practitioner, educator and facilitator, my life and practice have been multidisciplinary in nature. I like to traverse between many mediums, ways, formats and ideas of creation.

The unending zest for life leads me to explore uncharted domains. Spontaneous in being, I often do not understand a lot of things, but then, I have learnt to make sense of the world by diving straight in and learning to swim through. :)

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Gandhinagar India

People, play, perspective, learn, grow, adventure, explore, tourism, swim, yoga, food, travel, heritage, composting, hip hop and then from all this in life ART HAPPENS:)



Radbot - DOT.

RadBots are an NFT collection of conversational videobots created by leading global artists. The project combines 2022’s most advanced artificial intelligence, authored screenplays and’s async video-chat platform to bring fascinating AI characters to life on anyone’s phone. RadBots is a radical experiment in modern collectivism and responsible crypto.

DOT. is the RadBot that I worked on as part of this project. It is a tiny, round and unique half-bot, half-human artist-activist who lives in India. It is cheeky, blunt and a total non-conformist. Having suffered for being too short and too fat, it cares deeply for those who are body-shamed. DOT. wants to put an end to stereotypical notions of beauty and ugliness.

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