11 AM - 11:59 PM, Apr 17 (2022) (Asia/Calcutta)

OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTIC RESIDENCIES Contemporary><Tradition // Tradição><Contemporâneo

– Visual arts, Design and Architecture at the crossing of disciplines and techniques –

Open Call for Artistic Residencies in Oficinas do Convento

The last day for the applications is on the 17th of April 2022

Duration: 1 month

Framed by the Techniques, Arts and Places program, Oficinas do Convento opens up, for the last time in 2022, the possibility of new relationships by enhancing them through two grants for artistic production.

Through this annual open call, Oficinas do Convento with its technical resources, will allow the development of an artistic residency project for young creators.

It is intended to strengthen the approach between the young artistic community and Oficinas do Convento, providing resources and learning as a way to develop their work.

To challenge, national and international artists, designers and architects to create works that contribute to a continuous process of reinterpretation, crossing and innovation of techniques.

Proposals from creators residing in the Alentejo region will be increased. (Upon presentation of proof of residence, invoice in the artist’s name with address or proof of parish council).

It is also intended that the proposals to be developed under the Residency regime preferably have references to the region, historical and natural heritage, local culture and resources, and that they contemplate traditional methods of production as well as “new media”, reflecting their updating in methodology and form.

Therefore, this competition is intended for visual artists, architects and designers with proposals that request and cross technological resources:

High and low temperature ceramics
Raw earth
Digital Fabrication
Digital Photography

Proposals in the artistic areas should be original and use creative freedom to explore the theme in the most diverse ways.