The world of tech, and pretty much the world at large, does not acknowledge the pivotal role of under-represented voices in the creative and technical history of its evolution. In redressal, Dara invites writers, playwrights, journalists, critics, historians, character designers, songwriters and all types of creators working with fiction or history-based projects to join us in creating a cohort of strong, opinionated, Turing-Test passing, Artificial Intelligence RadBots inspired by and made in the mould of these hidden figures.


This series of workshops seeks to train our cohort in AI-augmented writing, using the most advanced Deep Learning writing technologies currently available.  Excitingly, we’ll extend these techniques to provide a voice and visual representation of the AI characters. Finally, we’ll aid authors in selling their work as digital NFTs. 

Selected creators can also choose to be part of the soon-to-be launched art and tech community project C3: Codes, Creativity, Communities by Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai in collaboration with ZKM, Karlsruhe.

Curious? Excited? Convince us that your project or practice would benefit from this workshop. Selected participants are expected to commit a total of 8 hours over a period of one month. There are no fees charged to those selected.



Workshop #1 / Writing AI

20 human authors curated by our jury will collaborate with DaraBot to craft and design their own unique AI Bots reanimating historical or fictional figures and role models. Selected authors will: 

  • Choose a historical / fictional figure that they believe stands for under-represented genders or are voices from underrepresented communities

  • Write a biography of their chosen figure. Craft their personality - nuance, cadence, tone, opinion, to make them come to life in text (in approx 500 words). 

In a 2 hour workshop on the 30th of April 2021 our human authors & DaraBot will iterate on a sample textual dialog between their character and a human. Using this as training for the AI, they will create their own unique, historically referenced conversational texty RadBots. 


Workshop #2 / Visioning AI

Our second 2 hour workshop scheduled for 7th May 2021 will take our selected authors through a making session where they will use AI technologies to create visual personas for their texty RadBots. Our 20 human authors will:

  • Build on their earlier AI Bot text corpus

  • Refine the audio characteristics of their Bot

  • Submit upto 5 good portrait images/videos of their chosen historical figure

The outcome of their efforts will be animated, talking RadBots. Humans can now post in video messages to our RadBots and receive async video replies from the bots. 


Workshop #3 / Hustling NFTs

In a final workshop session scheduled for the 14th of May, our human authors will learn about NFT’s, and understand how they can leverage this as a new form of showcasing, audience engagement and funding for their practice. They will learn how to ensure that their intellectual property rights are protected in the world of NFT’s. Collectively they will arrive at a fair equity stake for themselves, the producer, the gallerist and the conceptualiser if they choose to sell digital artefacts resulting from this workshop series.


Public Participation

From the 16th - 22nd  May, the public will be invited to interact with the RadBots online. Using Dara.network’s app, audience members will be able to record a spoken video query and receive a video response back from the RadBots.  Given the high computational cost of processing each query, each author’s Bot will be provided with a limited number of queries they can process (~250). These questions and the Radbots’ answers are stored. From the 23rd-27th of May our human authors will curate a selection of 5 of the best responses from their RadBots. These 100 videos are the digital artefacts of this collective creative journey. 


RadBots For NFTs

On May 30th 2021 the 100 digital artefacts of our human-bot collaboration will be publicly available for acquisition using NFT’s.



April 1st  - April 14th 2021: Open Call

April 29th 2021: Public Announcement of Selected Authors 

April 30th 2021: Writing AI Workshop

May 7th 2021: Visioning AI Workshop

May 14th 2021: Hustling NFT Workshop 

May 16th - 22nd 2021: Open to Public Interaction

May 30th 2021: RadBots for NFT’s Launch

Total expected time commitment - 10 hours (but the perfectionist geek in you might push you to keep on going :)

Additional Information

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Concept & Direction: Sean Blagsvedt & Archana Prasad

Program Design: Kamya Ramachandran

Collaborating Artist: Hasan