12 - 5:59 AM, Aug 31 (2022) (Asia/Calcutta)

IFA | Request for Proposals: Arts Research

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) announces
Request for Proposals
for the Arts Research programme

Application Deadline: Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Arts Research programme engages scholars, researchers, and practitioners to research the various histories and expressions of artistic practices in India. It seeks to foster wider perspectives, understandings, interpretations and engagements in the arts.

We invite proposals for our Arts Research programme from researchers and practitioners who are interested in undertaking research projects, implemented by IFA. These projects could investigate marginalised or relatively unexplored areas; intend to create spaces for dialogue between theory and practice; offer new readings of artistic practices; and use interdisciplinary approaches to break new conceptual ground, among other things.

IFA specifically encourages projects in Indian languages, including English so as to contribute to the discourse in various language contexts.

Research projects should have clear research objectives, in-depth background surveys, critical research questions, rigorous methodologies, and specific outcomes that will be shared in the public domain. The outcomes could be books, essays, films, websites, multimedia exhibitions, etc.

NOTE: The organizers may reschedule, modify or cancel this event at their discretion. Please contact the organizers directly to confirm these details before attending.