Sarwesh Shah


New Media Designer, Creative Technologist • National Institute Of Design • he/him

Apart from having formal training in Computer Science and New Media Design, I am a strong believer that technology coupled with the right intent and design has the capability to create new and rich meaningful experiences.

And as a creative technologist and a designer, I aim at bringing such experiences to my audience. My work also explores the idea of algorithmic art, mathematics, interactions, and mixed-media storytelling. This led me to realize my projects in two forms i.e. immersive/interactive installations and generative visuals.

My work is mostly tool-agnostic and I pick them up as and when required. But I am really comfortable with prototyping tools like Processing, P5.js, Three.js, TouchDesigner, Blender, etc.

I regularly showcase my generative sketches on Instagram: @muteartcollective
and my interactive projects have been discussed in detail on my website:

Kolkata 🇮🇳 India

My roles in creative projects lies between being a creative technologist, a concept and space designer, and story boarding.


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