tenzin gopal

my motivations and journey as a creator starts from a young age. I believe in healing and connecting with oneself by diving inwards rather than outward. Being originally from Mcloed Ganj ( Dharamshala) and being adopted in a German family has opened up my way of accepting this world in many ways. For me , as a human being and being here on this earth as a visitor I want to contribute something back to others and to this Mother Earth. therefore i do not limit myself to just one mode/ style of working. i allow myself to be free and work in multidisciplianry art form.
the limited resources and the huge dependence on these materials for basic survival in this chaotic environment makes me want to help people through art and music. And since technology enables many possibilities in different forms and triggers different areas of the body to activate the inner peace and the compassionate side. I try to view the entire cycle as a part of a bigger circle.. I borrow philosophical aspects from the mix cultured environment that I had resided. the idea of being free, or to get lost in ones thought, using of modern sounds and viusals.

vadodara 🇮🇳 India

multiple disciplines, sculpture making, paintings, performance Art, music ,tattooing


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