Lisa Botos

Director S.E.A. • MMBP & Associates

Lisa Botos is leading the development of a new MMBP & Associates lab focused on art advisory and partnering with enterprises in digital transformation, content transcreation, insights and experiences — based in Singapore, oriented to the world. A cultural strategist specialising in media and art, she is adept at viewing any challenge through a multiplicity of lenses. Lisa is infinitely curious and strongly believes that culture is an underutilized tool that when skilfully employed adds tangible value to any organisation. Lisa has decades-long experience guiding an award-winning visual team at TIME magazine, co-founding a pioneering media art gallery, as a founding consultant for the lens-based visual arts platform WYNG Media Awards. In 2019 she co-founded Art Unchained, a project that explored the intersection of art, technology and creativity in business. Lisa is a 2021 Fellow of BeFantastic Together: ArtTech for Climate Action and a 2015 Fellow of the Advanced Cultural Leadership Programme.



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