Vinay Khare

"I am a new media artist/creative technologist with a focus in immersive and interactive experiences. My background is in programming, electronics and audio engineering which over time has steered into the overlap of these technologies and various forms of art.
I am in transition from 'process' to 'art' and live in the concept-space of 'jugaad', an Hindi word synonymous to makeshift or hack. My explorations and interests revolve around the idea of bringing together a variety of pieces from anywhere and everywhere, and assembling them into a singular harmonious and working creation. I work with lights, sounds, sensors and people and through these create playful interactions and immersive experiences."


I feel most comfortable with projects that have to do with physical space. I work a lot with sensors, actuators, lights, projectors and audio in creating interactive environments. I am also familiar with multiple disciplines and tools and how they can be brought together in a coherent and interconnected way. However, recently I have been doing diving a lot more into digital and virtual work given the global situation. This is primarily using web technologies.


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