Shayekh Mohammad Arif

As a contemporary sound artist I am devoted in collecting ,composing , processing & ensemble sound waves according to their merit.One of my main work process is to collect sound from different different places , persons from different spheres of life.Then I sampled them in my studio & morph & blend them into my composition according to the need.I believe every place has it’s own essence & own sound vibes. Matter is how much you are capable of grab & accept the vibes.I use the sound of nature as one of the materials and process them and synthesize with electronic sound to create unique electro-acoustic compositions.This following video link will give you a certain idea about my work-
Link :


For the past few year, a major part of my research revolves around the notion of ‘ambient sound’ or ‘ambience’. The specific focus, however, lies in conceptualizing the processes of (re)constructing the presence of a site by means of ambient sounds, recorded from the site. As explained above, ambient sounds used in the narration directly relate to the sites depicted on the screen to project a diegetic space, but the relationship between the site and sound is (re)constructed according to the craft of the sound practitioners in terms of what they intend to suggest in order to enhance the auditory setting of the narrative. It is therefore necessary to understand the specific roles of ambient sounds in film and media (art) production as the primary question driving the research in this article. In recent years, I have builded up interacting AV performance ideas where there lies a limitless possibilities of express my artistry in limitless ways & even flexible enough to change-morph in live. One of my highlighted project is - ‘OGADHA' EKATTATA’ was launched in the Dhaka Art Summit 2020 symposium.It's an electro-acoustic live sound show-case performance to enact and explore the widespread form of collective practice in the form of ensemble music. Weaving together multiple sonic strands from Bangladesh, this performance was an invitation to open up my artistry to experiences of polyphony- Here is the recorded link of the sound-exhibition :