Bhargav Padhiyar

Designer & Founder • Studio IF

Hey! 👋 I am a new media practitioner based in Ahmedabad. I believe, we are all interpreting, experiencing and attempting to make sense of the world through stories that we create, (chose to) preserve and share through various mediums! Speculative Fiction and Critical Design Thinking are my areas of interest and Physical Computing, Projection mapping and Spaces are the mediums I love to explore. In past I enjoyed working on interactive installations and interactive performances which I am figuring out to make it my everyday work 🤪. Professionally through my firm Studio IF I explore transmedia storytelling to enrich Cultural and in Natural heritage experiences. I find the idea of inheritance fascinating in both cultural context and natural world so using new media I attempt to interpret and share stories of the same. I’ve been working with museums, virtual museums, craft and rural communities/villages and also conducting many workshops for design students.

🇮🇳 India

Trans-media Storytelling & Interactive Art Installations (Both Design + Hands-on Work)


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