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OORALI is a collective of actors, musicians and visual artists,based at Thrissur,Kerala,India who have come together to create relevant art experiences.
'Oorali Experience' is our latest production blending music, theater and conversations. The music is structured on poems and songs that reflect the world around us. Oorali plays world music and matches it up with theatrical overtures, props and visuals to create a memorable experience.

Oorali's original and eclectic sound incorporates folk music,reggae, blues, and rock.The Band has been creating customized performances for different spaces since 2010 ranging from marriages to music festivals and pubs to public spaces singing in Spanish, English ,Malayalam and Hindi and can create performances suited to the venue.
We also have a bus, 'Oorali Express' that can be opened up and transformed into a performing stage and host 'Oorali Experience'.

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