MRY is a network for marginalized gender working at the interface of art, culture, technology, science as well as personal development and mental health - or simply life. But actually, it's not important what you do. MRY is aimed at those who want to exchange ideas when it comes to career planning and who don't want to leave their past and private life out of it. We the founding members are women who are multicultural, multidisciplinary or in other words open to many new impressions. In the exchange we have learned how valuable it is to learn from each other and also to address personal issues, setbacks and social influences in the context of success, career and start-up ideas. As marginalized gender, we are exposed to different expectations in society, but also to the expectations of our parents and grandparents. We are supposed to have a career and be strong, we are supposed to have children and take care of the family, we are supposed to be creative and achievement-oriented, and we are supposed to follow societal norms. Only when we talk to each other do we realize that we are not alone with these demands and expectations. With MRY, we want to create a network where all these topics have a place.