4 - 7 PM, Jul 23 (2022) (Asia/Kolkata)


THE title, Commedia dell'arte ("Comedy of Art" or "Comedy of the profession"), means unwritten or improvised drama, and implies rather to the manner of performance than to the subject matter of the play. This peculiar piece had a long life in Italy, probably of about four hundred years (from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century). In England, elements from it were naturalized in pantomime and a puppet play involving the commedia dell’arte characters.

“For the Love of Commedia Dell’Arte” show is more of a tribute to this great history and some of the great mute comedy legends such as Charlie Chaplin and Marcel Marceau. We will present a series of play involving a lot of fun, illusion and comedy elements which is going to be packed with entertainment. We are also back with our most popular Mime Improv – “MimProv”.

Vyoma Artspace, JP nagar