12 AM - 11:59 PM, Feb 24 (2022) (Asia/Calcutta)

SIGNALS Networks and Artistic Inventions

Hosted By
Rachel Uwa
Founder • School of Machines, Germany

In this course, you will be introduced to Creative and critical perspectives on networked communications
- Working with drones
- Hands-on collaborative group work
- An opportunity for introspection and self-reflection with others
- Critical and conceptual development of projects for a group exhibition
- A variety of guest speakers with varying perspectives and relevant practices
- Professional development for artists and creatives
- Exciting humans working in the field
- An amazing network and community of like-minded creative beings and potential future collaborators

• 16. - 27. May, 2022: Two weeks, full-time (artist lab)
• 3. - 30. June, 2022: One month exhibition / workshop series
• Based at Oyoun Kultur NeuDenken in Berlin, Germany
• 9 participants selected
• Language: English
• Cost: Free

Signals: Networks and Artistic Interventions calls on artists, technologists, and activists to find alternative possibilities and modes of hidden communication through the creation of art, sculpture, and performance. During the two-week artist maker lab, participants will engage in critical discourse to create artworks and interventions that speak to the complexities of our time and the importance of alternative network communications.

On the surface, this program focuses on networked communication through the creation of artworks, sculptures, and performances that send signals across the airwaves in a playful manner using both common and innovative technologies such as WLAN routers, ethernet cables, and flying drones.

At the same time, there is an underlying theme aimed at tackling the bigger question of our time: How can we ensure that important topics vital to freedom and democracy continue to be communicated from person to person within the confines of a controlled or authoritarian state?

Throughout the world, as the words we say become increasingly policed and politicized, we call on artists and technologists to find alternative ways and hidden communication possibilities through the use of artistic means to make a statement that truth shall always be allowed to be

spoken even under the harshest of circumstances within society and politics. Through innovative technologies, a playful approach, and an understanding of politics, this program will bring out new perspectives.

Five well-established artists and technologists, who are themselves experts in their fields of network communication, flying drones, performance, art and sculpture, will act as mentors through the duration of the lab. Participants will create thoughtful and evocative works that will then be exhibited for one month at Oyoun Kultur Neudenken UG in Berlin Neukölln.

Shortly after the exhibition’s open, we will run a symposium that includes a series of talks from the artists and participants aimed to bring to the foreground important discussions around the topics of surveillance, the necessities of hidden communication, and using old and new technologies as innovative activist tools aimed at preserving some semblance of freedom and democracy.

In June, participants will have the opportunity to hold short community workshops of their own, either online or offline. Although professional experience is not required, we are hoping to find participants who are excited to lead a community workshop on related topics.

Supported by
School of Machines