6:30 - 8 PM, Aug 9 (2023) (Asia/Calcutta)

Famous Last Words @ BIC Venue

Hosted By
Ambika Joshi
Co-founder • Ajaibghar Cultural Services / Gooey.AI • she/her

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Ongoing vibrant discussions – many important ones of which have taken place under the aegis of the BIC – around the versatility, ability and limitations of AI include exciting showcasing of the powerful things that AI can facilitate vis-à-vis the arts. Dance and related performances, music and visual art have been at the forefront of what we have been exposed to. Ideas are exploding and creating a sense of new future ahead.

In this session, the focus will draw back to that most fundamental means of human communication – the word.

Many writers among us have played with, read about, and marvelled at the ability of AI to ‘read’ data and spew out essays, critical reviews, technical manuals with an ease and speed that make us – humans – the ‘worst in class’. What about creative writing? Can AI tell a story with a magic that can captivate, and lift our minds to soar into the unknown?

In this panel with four practitioners who explore writing ranging from poetry, dialogue, narrative and more, will talk about their engagement with AI. We will learn how AI melts boundaries between story and medium, word and intention. Through the conversation, the audience will have a chance to exercise their imaginations to reflect on whether we, as a community, should delight in this new aid to our creative expression, or feel threatened that the very thing, in this context, that makes us human – our individual imaginations – may become obsolete?

Bengaluru International Centre