12 AM - 11:55 PM, Oct 31 (2022) (Asia/Calcutta)

OPEN CALL: Harkat at Serendipity Arts Festival 2022

OPEN CALL 🎥 With our annual 16mm Film Festival approaching, we are back with the Ek Minute film on 16mm competition!!

We ask you to send us an idea for a 1-min film, and 5 selected scripts get the chance to execute their ideas on 50ft of 16mm colour film stock. We will also provide the camera, developing and scanning.

Ek-minute presents an opportunity for makers and writers to engage with celluloid film and to challenge themselves in creating a script that fits the one minute format. Working with film also allows participants to explore a visual language that is specific to the medium. Your ideas can be narrative, fiction, documentary, music videos, mood films or anything else you can imagine. Just keep in mind that we look for scripts that are not only strong and concise but also feasible to execute filming over 1 day.

Selected ideas will be produced between 20th to 30th of November, and will be screened at the 16mm Film Festival in December 2022.

NOTE: The organizers may reschedule, modify or cancel this event at their discretion. Please contact the organizers directly to confirm these details before attending.