12 AM - 11:55 PM, Oct 19 (2022) (Asia/Calcutta)

Practising Public Art: Exploring tools for site-specific dialogues | A workshop with Sanchayan Ghosh

Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art in collaboration with Serendipity Arts invites applications for :
Practising Public Art: Exploring tools for site-specific dialogues A workshop with Sanchayan Ghosh
FICA is pleased to present, Practising Public Art: Exploring tools for site-specific dialogues, a workshop facilitated by Sanchayan Ghosh, organised in collaboration with Serendipity Arts.

A site carries in it elements of continuity and transition, while also accumulating experiences, memories, mundanities and contestations. ‘Site’ is evocative, it is both unwieldy and welcoming, requiring us to further mould its micro-specificities into macro-understandings of public sites and our relationships with/in them. Working with site-specific art brings us closer to studying the inherent nomadic traits of making; such practices develop an agility to engage with the links between interconnected parts in a site, visualising space, building systems and languages of making with.

Led by Sanchayan Ghosh, Practising Public Art: Exploring tools for site-specific dialogues intends to unpack the thematics that accompany our notions of site and situatedness, working towards dispersed and multi-sensory engagements in the field of public art. We hope to open up possibilities of artistic research by expanding on methodologies, processes, mediums and materials, seeking to deconstruct the idea of research itself, looking at public art in both traditional and transformative ways. The workshop will enliven artistic practice and research as an expanded field of study; a reciprocal process of investigation and participation, a collective endeavour of reading the relationships that form between a site and that which occupies it.

How do histories of a site communicate with its present interventions? What kind of archives are produced by a public ownership of a site? Where does the performativity of a monument lie? In asking these and several more questions around public art, public spheres and the criticality that underlies public engagement, this workshop will explore what it means to participate in the existing design of a space, converse with the possibilities of a collective and continually reassess the evolving nature of the site-specific across contexts.

The workshop will also include three public lectures by resource persons other than the workshop facilitator. Attendance for the same will be mandatory.

The Modules for the course are as follows:

Introduction to public art practices
Public art beyond monuments
Public art as a temporary site-specific dialogue
Public art, museum practices and other institutional dialogues

Application Deadline: 19 October 2022
Duration of the workshop: 5 weeks
All sessions for the first four weeks will be held online on Zoom.
The last week of sessions will take place on-site in Delhi.
Week 1: 2, 4, 5 November
Week 2: 7, 9, 11 November
Week 3: 14, 16, 18 November
Week 4: 21, 23, 25 November
Week 5: 3 - 10 December (on-site in Delhi)

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (For online sessions). Week 5 will have sessions scheduled daily.
Timing: 3 - 5 PM (For online sessions) Week 5 will have sessions from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Course Fees: 1000/-
If the price of this workshop is prohibitive, and the fees prevent you from participating, kindly contact us at saf.edu@serendipityarts.org. We have a limited number of supported places to enable participants to attend this workshop with a fee waiver.