11 AM - 1 PM, Aug 21 (2022) (Asia/Calcutta)

Sow and you shall reap! Gardening workshop!

Kitchen Gardening Workshop: Sow and You Shall Reap!

Imagine your homemade, delectable, healthy pizza…. That fragrant tomato-garlic-basil sauce, that crisp capsicum, juicy zucchini, tender baby spinach, and crunchy baby corn toppings, and finally those fresh, flavourful herbs as you bite into that slice…

• Did you know you can grow all this delicious food (and more) easily from your very own veggie garden?
• Cultivate seasonal vegetables, leafy greens, and herbs in completely natural ways without chemicals?

Grow your Own! Eat Fresh, Flavourful, Natural and Healthy!

Enjoy that nourished feeling of eating tasty and wholesome produce that you have cultivated with your own hands! To take forward this cause, Edible Routes in collaboration with Bangalore Creative Circus is organising a Kitchen Gardening Workshop: Sow and You Shall Reap! on 21st August 2022 at Bengaluru.

Let Master Gardener Kapil take you through a fascinating journey to,

• Cultivate your green thumb to create meals using fresh wholesome veggies
• Design and create your kitchen garden in any space – balcony, terrace, back yard, and even a window sill
• Easily grow fresh produce using natural farming methods

Hands-on activities include: Identifying seeds * Making your own potting mix * Planting your own seeds/sapling

Takeaways: Inspiration and insights to start your own food garden * One seedling pot * Your nails full of mitti!

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