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Founder & Chief Operations Officer • Gooey.AI / • she/her

TechArt. Community Art. Design Research.

I work at the intersection of tech, design, art & research practices. My work focuses on digital community building as Founder-COO of and creating public awareness of the UN SDG’s as Founder-Fmr Director, & is. My work holds my heart steady and rooted in Bangalore, India while I live in Seattle, USA.

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Tech Art, Design, Visual Arts, HCI



Radbot - NFT Bot

RadBots are an NFT collection of conversational videobots created by leading global artists. The project combines 2022’s most advanced artificial intelligence, authored screenplays and’s async video-chat platform to bring fascinating AI characters to life on anyone’s phone. RadBots is a radical experiment in modern collectivism and responsible crypto.

NFT Bot is the RadBot that I worked on as part of this project. The IPCC has recently warned it's "now or never" to tackle the climate crisis. What does this mean for the future of non-fungible tokens, their owners and everyone and everything that calls Planet Earth home? Wrestling with this question is giving NFT Bot an existential crisis. Her usually smooth complexion is pixelated with melancholy as she quotes from industry discourse to discuss life on the blockchain.

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Where Communities Create Social Capital



It's where incredible entrepreneurs, creators, change-makers and the organisations that support them connect.


An NFT collection of conversational videobots created by leading playwrights, artists and screenwriters from India, Sri Lanka, the UK and Germany.

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Telling stories and making conversational bots is now a thing! Not just that, a crypto fund (RADAO) run by a collective of creators, bots and owners is where its super exciting!


We are collaborating with Eames Demetrios, Geographer at large, storyteller and designer on his project We will be installing one of his sculptures in a public space in Bangalore. As part of that we ran an online program to bring together a group of artistic collaborators across visual and performing arts and research. Together they executed a large-scale community mural with Augmented Reality layered in that communicates the story of the piece and its connection to its global peers while responding to local context. Playback theatre and Yakshagana performance interventions take storytelling off the walls of the Wheeler Flyover and into the hearts of the community as the giant granite sculpture that anchors this projects is being crafted at Kuppam.


Public art. Design. Installation. Story-telling. Participatory. Community Art.


Techart in public space to bring public awareness and engagement on UN SDG's through commissioned art, online collaborative programs, international dialogs and showcasing.

BeFantastic & Jaaga

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A cryptocurrency philanthropic fund. A project in collaboration with Sean Blagsvedt and commissioned by Tate Modern and the V&A for MozFest 2018 - London.



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