Frequently asked questions

I just got invited to Dara; how do I login?

Here’s the steps that should work to login: 1. Go to or open the Dara app on your phone 2. Tap Sign Up 3. Enter your email address (the one you were invited with) and the password of your choice. 4. Tap Continue 5. Check your email (and junk mail) for a verification email 6. Once found, tap the link in the email 7. Head back to Dara You should now be logged in!

How do I add a person to a group?

To add a person to a Group: 1. Go to Chats and search for the group 2. Tap the Group 2. In the conversation window, tap the title 3. Tap Add Participant 4. Tap the Search icon 5. Type the person name's you want to add 6. Tap their Name The person should now be added to the group!

How do I remove a person from a Group?

To remove a person from a Group: 1. Go to the group 2. Tap the title 3. Scroll down and find the person you want to remove 4. Tap their name 5. Tap "Remove from Group" The person will now be removed from your group.

How do I create a Group?

To create a group: 1. Go to Chats 2. Find someone you'd like to add to your group 3. Tap their name to open a 1:1 conversation 4. In the title bar, tap the + button in the upper right hand corner 5. Tap the Search icon 6. Type the name of another person you'd like to add to the Group. 7. Type their name You've now created a 3 person conversation group! 8. In the conversation view, tap the title 9. Change the Group's photo, title and description to whatever you like 10. Tap "Add Participant" to add more people to the group.